Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cloud ECM Integration for Cloud-Based Applications

As more companies become interested in cloud-based solutions, software application vendors have answered the call by providing easy to use and highly scalable enterprise applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other compelling applications in the cloud. These cloud apps help enterprises achieve savings in software license, hardware purchasing, and IT administration. But the Achilles heel of cloud-based applications is integration with existing business processes to deliver a complete solution. Enterprise application customers have likely invested heavily in on-premises ECM and collaboration systems to manage documents, support collaboration between departments, and automate business processes. So how can an enterprise customer maximize its investment in on-premises and cloud-based ECM and integrate the cloud-based application with other line of business functions?

The key to delivering this comprehensive integration for immediate business value is to connect directly with the core systems with critical day-to-day business processes and create a single-point-of-access to all the silos of an organization through the cloud.

Embedding EntropySoft Content Connectors™ in cloud-based applications makes it possible for enterprise application customers to work with all documents stored behind their firewall within the context of the cloud-based application. Users can find, view, update, create, delete documents and metadata from the application as if they were stored in the cloud. EntropySoft delivers the ability to:

• Unify scattered content through cloud-based applications as a single bi-directional access point for true content interoperability and dynamic information management

• Connect securely to on-premises ECM systems from the cloud

• Deliver connectivity that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale in a multi-tenant cloud environment

How does EntropySoft make this possible?

• Pre-built connectors that expose a single bidirectional API for 40+ ECM systems including SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet, OpenText, and leading cloud-based ECM such as Box and Office365

• Integrate once, in a matter of weeks, and deploy any or all of the connectors

• Comprehensive API to allow any software vendor to integrate documents in the context of its application, creating a seamless and more productive user experience

• Immediate business process integration with existing ECM-based processes

• Users connect to on-premises ECM systems as themselves, so that it is always known who is accessing ECM content and owning the documents uploaded through the cloud

• ECM system administrators are satisfied since all access from the cloud is done according to policies established in the on-premises ECM system

EntropySoft’s 40 pre-built content connectors allow enterprise software application vendors to integrate cloud-based applications with cloud-based ECM and on-premises ECM systems to unlock their customer’s content silos and deliver effective business process integration.


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