Thursday, September 23, 2010

EntropySoft Content Hub Appliance packages a single point of access to information and document transfer features

Following the release of new CMS connectors, EntropySoft, a specialist of content integration, released its Content Hub Appliance. Content Hub Appliance is a single platform that provides out-of-the-box connectivity for over 30 applications and comes with the ability to easily transfer documents.

In only a few clicks, an administrator can connect the organization’s document repositories to Content Hub Appliance. The repositories become available to all applications consuming or producing information in the company. This is done in a matter of hours. Content Hub Appliance provides a single point of access to all the connected repositories through the EntropySoft Web Services, CMIS (Web Services and REST implementations), Java, java remote and .Net.

Besides this single point of access, all companies using Content Hub Appliance are saving money thanks to the fact that all connectivity is now shared between applications.

Furthermore, for the past five years, by working with large corporate clients, EntropySoft has developed two domains of expertise that it is ready to share. The first expertise domain is to connect any document management system to any archiving platform; the second one is to synchronize two document repositories. Thanks to content transfer bridge templates that can be provided by EntropySoft, it is now a question of hours to be ready to synchronize two silos or connect applications to an archiving platform.

The virtual appliance can be downloaded from EntropySoft’s support site. It only takes minimal installation and configuration for the virtual machine to be ready to start operating in the customer environment. In a matter of hours, the single point of access is deployed and made-to-measure content transfer bridges can be uploaded to enable document transfers and repository synchronization..

“Large organizations use EntropySoft Content ETL in their environments to manage advanced document transfers. Software vendors use EntropySoft connectors to simplify information access. With Content Hub Appliance, EntropySoft is bringing content integration to a large audience” said Nicolas Maquaire, EntropySoft CEO. “Companies of all sizes will now be able to synchronize silos easily and also archive all documents coming from over 30 different content repositories in a matter of hours.”

The single access point and ability to easily transfer documents are offered by EntropySoft on a monthly subscription basis and a pay-as-you-use model that includes content transfer, archive to and synchronization.

EntropySoft Content Hub Appliance offers a global access to information to your line-of-business applications and shares all your connectivity in one spot. Content Hub Appliance comes with 40 connectors under the hood.

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EntropySoft and Funnelback Announce OEM Agreement for Enterprise Connectors

EntropySoft, a specialist of Enterprise connectivity, today announced a technology agreement with Funnelback. Funnelback is integrating a wide selection of enterprise connectors from EntropySoft into its Funnelback search engine. The inclusion of EntropySoft technology expands out-of-the-box connectivity for Funnelback customers, ensuring easy access to unstructured information across the enterprise.

The agreement will enable Funnelback to integrate a portfolio of more than 40 connectors. All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft’s portfolio, and all connectors have been fully-tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

“The Enterprise Connectors will enable our customers to multiply the benefits of Funnelback search technology by unlocking access to a much broader range of content sources.” stated Brett Matson, Managing Director at Funnelback. “It’s already clear that these connectors are better architected and more robust than anything we’ve seen in the past. The support from EntropySoft has also been excellent.”

“This OEM agreement with one of the Australian leaders for search illustrates our global presence. The easy integration of our technology in all content-centric markets such as Search, e-Discovery, BPM or DLP illustrates our will to become the de facto standard for high-performance connectivity,” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO and co-founder of EntropySoft. “More and more, companies chose to rely on the professionalism and dedication of connector specialists so as to have the widest and best connectivity for their customers. We also bring to this partnership our vast expertise in content-centric applications and our market-leader technology.”

The quality and breadth of connectivity is increasingly important for software analysts in many markets. Relying on a connector specialist such as EntropySoft is synonymous with quality and expertise.

By using EntropySoft enterprise connectors, software vendors and IT services companies get immediate access to enterprise application repositories. They also benefit from in-depth expertise on 40 content-centric systems to facilitate their proof-of-concepts and deployments.

About Funnelback
The Funnelback search engine project evolved from a leading edge technology offering developed during an eight year project by the CSIRO, Australia's premier scientific research agency. Previously referred to as the P@NOPTIC Search Engine, Funnelback Pty Ltd was established in December 2005 as the corporate entity to further develop the technology and commercialise the business. Since December 2005 the company has grown in size to keep up with the demand for its services backed by its award winning internet and enterprise search engine and expert team.
In July 2009 Funnelback was acquired by Squiz. Squiz is a leading Content Management System (CMS) company. Its flagship product is MySource Matrix.

About EntropySoft
EntropySoft is a specialist of content integration. EntropySoft’s mission is to connect applications and people to information.
EntropySoft technology is used by large organizations to do their complex document transfers and by software vendors to simplify integration of their products with Enterprise Content Management solutions and cloud repositories. Application fields are numerous: Enterprise Search, BPM, e-discovery, Records Management, Collaboration, Data Loss Prevention, Multi Function Printers etc...
The following leading global organizations chose EntropySoft products: Alfresco, EMC Kazeon, Endeca, IDS Scheer and Symantec.
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Funnelback Contact:
Stuart Beil, T: + 61 2 6176 3160 (Australia)
Stephen Morgan, T: +44 (0) 207 101 8300 (London).

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