Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new version of Content Hub to connect ECM systems together and manage document transfers

The ECM systems may be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Corporations of all sizes can now manage on their own their document transfers. They can safely share documents in cloud repositories and exchange easily documents with partners and customers.

EntropySoft, a specialist of enterprise connectivity and content integration, is releasing the version 5 of its Content Hub. Content Hub connects all ECM systems and manages easily the most advanced document transfers. It enables synchronization of a selection of documents between different ECM systems. The ECM systems may be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Corporations of all sizes can now manage on their own their document transfers. They can safely share documents in cloud repositories and exchange easily documents with partners and customers.

“Content Hub is EntropySoft’s answer to information fragmentation, a universal problem all companies are confronted with. More and more ECM systems are being deployed, increasing information fragmentation and making information access difficult. Content Hub is delivering a single point of access, therefore simplifying and accelerating information access” said Nicolas Maquaire, EntropySoft CEO. ”Content Hub is also enabling simple content transfer between repositories. In a matter of minutes, it is even possible to synchronize parts of distinct ECM systems. With synchronization, document sharing in real-time is facilitated by having the right document at the right place. Companies can offer their knowledge silos to a larger audience or easily share documents with partners and customers”.

The new version of Content Hub further improves the user experience. The completely redesigned user interface facilitates the way users connect the repositories and improves document transfer monitoring.
EntropySoft added for example a repository discovery feature. This allows Content Hub to automatically connect to all repositories on a server or server farm. This feature is currently available for Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Quicker, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and IBM P8.
The document transfer monitoring is also improved. Users can now follow metrics in real-time.
Out-of-the-box document synchronization and document migration are available. In a few clicks, an end-user can activate synchronization of two folders from distinct applications.
Content Hub is also available as a VMware virtual machine that can be very quickly connected to the different applications. In little time, an administrator can start migrating and sharing content between repositories deployed on-premises, at a partner location or in the cloud.
The Content Hub virtual machine is available on a fixed monthly subscription basis that allows you to start immediately improving document life-cycle. Content Hub is available for large organizations in perpetual license for installation in their corporate environment.

Content Hub accelerates and simplifies information access while managing the most advanced documents transfers.

EntropySoft and Clearwell sign OEM agreement for additional connectivity for e-discovery platform

EntropySoft connectors enable increased e-discovery capabilities for Clearwell E–Discovery Platform

EntropySoft, a specialist of enterprise connectivity and content integration, today announced its OEM agreement with Clearwell Systems, Inc., a leader in intelligent e–discovery. The relationship enables Clearwell to connect to more content silos to support the entire e-discovery lifecycle, from Identification and Collection through Review and Production.

Clearwell is integrating a wide selection of enterprise connectors from EntropySoft into its Clearwell E–Discovery Platform. The inclusion of EntropySoft technology expands out-of-the-box connectivity for Clearwell customers, ensuring total access to unstructured information across the enterprise.

Clearwell customers are able to identify and collect data from over 35 content-centric systems for e–discovery requests in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries and internal investigations.

“This OEM agreement with one of the e-discovery market leaders is testimony of our leadership in the access information market. The easy integration of our technology in all content-centric markets such as e-Discovery, Search, BPM or DLP illustrates our will to become the de facto standard for high-performance connectivity,” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO and co-founder of EntropySoft. “More and more, companies chose to rely on the professionalism and dedication of connectivity specialists so as to have the widest and best connectivity for their customers. We also bring to this partnership our vast expertise in content-centric applications and our market-leader technology.”

The quality and breadth of connectivity is increasingly important for large organizations in different markets, as well as for software analysts. Relying on a connector specialist such as EntropySoft is synonymous with quality and expertise.

By using EntropySoft enterprise connectors, large corporations, software vendors and IT services companies get access to the most popular enterprise application repositories. They also benefit from in-depth expertise on 35 content-centric systems to facilitate their proof-of-concepts and deployments.

All major enterprise CMS are present in EntropySoft’s portfolio: Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum Content Server, IBM FileNET P8, Interwoven TeamSite, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Alfresco and more. All connectors have been fully tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

About Clearwell Systems
Clearwell Systems is transforming the way enterprises, government agencies, and law firms perform electronic discovery (e–discovery) in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and internal investigations. The Clearwell E–Discovery Platform streamlines end–to–end e–discovery, providing a single product for identification, collection, processing, analysis, review, and production.
Leading global organizations are using Clearwell to streamline collections, accelerate early case assessments, intelligently cull–down data, increase reviewer productivity, and ensure the defensibility of their e–discovery process.
Consistently ranked as a leader in independent e–discovery industry surveys and reports, Clearwell Systems is an active participant in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Project, The Sedona Conference, and the Text REtrieval Conference (TREC).
For more information, visit www.clearwellsystems.com

EntropySoft Closes $3.5M Funding Round

EntropySoft, the content connection company, announced on Tuesday that it has closed a US$3.5 million funding round.

This first round of financing was led by Alven Capital and will fuel the next stage of EntropySoft's growth in the content connection market. EntropySoft was previously privately owned.
The company, founded in 2005, plans to use the money to further boost its technological expertise, grow its sales team and increase its US presence.

CEO Nicolas Maquaire said: “EntropySoft’s success is based on the quality and reliability of its software products. This is how we succeeded in signing technological agreements with more than 25 major US software vendors over the past two years. We now want to increase the visibility of our products for large organizations and add direct sales to our very successful OEM business model. With this new capital, we are going to reach a new level of expertise and visibility.“

Guillaume Aubin, Managing Partner at Alven Capital explains: « EntropySoft have a strong presence in a fast-growing market, with a technologically superior product offer. EntropySoft has proven that it has the vision and the execution track record to be a leader in their markets. This infusion of capital will position the company for an explosive year."

EntropySoft offers to software vendors and large corporations products to increase content management systems interoperability and manage easily document transfers. Large software companies such as EMC Documentum, Symantec or Endeca already signed OEM agreements to use EntropySoft technology. Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, or Total, one of the biggest energy groups in the world, have selected the innovative EntropySoft products for some of their critical operations.

EntropySoft enables the real-time content synchronization of different content silos, such as SharePoint and IBM FileNet. There are many use cases for this technology inside the corporation itself and also to connect company repositories in the cloud and in-house. Real time content synchronization also changes the face of collaboration, directly between partners or for companies sharing documents in the

EntropySoft’s star product is Content Hub. Content Hub centralizes the access to information and automates document transfers between Content Management Systems.

Content Hub is using EntropySoft’s 40 CMS connectors. EntropySoft’s portfolio of connectors is the secret sauce for EntropySoft’s success. The connectors are highly successful thanks to their unequalled features and market-tested robustness. They are the key to Content Hub’s capacity to connect to and work with documents in more than 40 Content Management Systems.

In March, EntropySoft unveiled a major new version of its Content Hub and added new features for synchronization, content transfers and automatic mapping of permissions, users and groups.

By increasing its technological lead, the company expects to continue signing OEM agreements and grow exponentially the number of direct customers in the coming 12

- Financial Advisor: Aelios Finance (VĂ©ronique Roth, Pierre Dropsy)
- Legal Advisor for EntropySoft: Nixon Peabody (Douglas Glucroft, Emmanuelle Porte, Sylvie Hamel)
- Legal Advisor for Alven Capital : Gide Loyrette Nouel (Pierre Karpik, Emilie Leygonie)
- Financial Due Diligence Provider: Ernst & Young (Emmanuel Picard, Renaud Regner)
- Strategic Market Due Diligence: Pierre Audoin Consultants (Vincent Gelineau,
Olivier Rafal)

Box Brings ECM to the Cloud

Box Brings ECM to the Cloud

Enterprises Gain Cloud Benefits While Leveraging Existing ECM Investments

Box today launched ECM Cloud Connect to help enterprises leverage their investment in on-premise ECM systems by linking them to Box's cloud content management platform, facilitating broader employee adoption, easy external collaboration, and content access from any mobile device. Powered by EntropySoft, ECM Cloud Connect enables organizations to move content seamlessly and automatically between on-premise solutions and Box's cloud platform. ECM Cloud Connect links Box to more than 40 other systems, including Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum. Additionally, Box announced integration and consulting support from leading firms Armedia, BPA Technologies, ConvergePoint, and ZSL, the latest additions to its expanding partner ecosystem.

"We want to help the world's largest enterprises realize the benefits of cloud-enabled content, and building a seamless connection between their existing infrastructure and the cloud is a crucial first step," said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. "Mobile access to content and painless external collaboration are critically important for today's enterprises, and with ECM Cloud Connect, Box can fill these gaps - creating an amazing experience for end users, and increasing the value of existing ECM investments with no hardware or software hassle for IT."

Designed by EntropySoft and available as an addition for Box Enterprise customers,ECM Cloud Connect also enables organizations to use an on-premise system to ensure compliance to corporate records management and archiving policies for content stored in Box. With ECM Cloud Connect, existing and future Box customers will benefit from the following capabilities:
• Sync: Synchronize content between Box and a selection of 40 on-premise ECM systems
• Archive: Trigger automatic content archiving from Box to on-premise ECM systems
• Push: Transfer content from on-premise ECM systems to Box, or vice versa

"Enterprises are looking to leverage the cloud strategically to meet business and technology challenges, but don't want to create yet another information silo in the process," said Vijji Suryadevara, CEO, BPA Technologies. "ECM Cloud Connect will allow organizations to take full advantage of Box's cloud content management platform, while adding value to their existing on-premise ECM systems. We're excited to bring this solution to our customers."

More than 60,000 businesses, including 73% of the Fortune 500, currently use Box to access, manage and share content online, as well as from iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. The Box Apps Marketplace features more than 150 integrated partner applications such as Salesforce, Google Apps and NetSuite. Box saw 3.4X enterprise revenue growth in 2010 driven by deals with large organizations like Clear Channel, Dole and Dell, and the company just raised a $48M Series D round to fuel the next stage of its growth in the enterprise.

EntropySoft’s technology delivered by Armedia for better content integration

EntropySoft, the global leading provider of Enterprise Content Management migration and interconnectivity software, announces its official partnership with Armedia, LLC, a leading Enterprise Content Management technology firm based in Atlanta, GA.

The partnership with Armedia will enable EntropySoft to provide richer support for clients through migration and content design services provided by Armedia in conjunction with the EntropySoft suite of content integration products. Further, Armedia will be EntropySoft’s primary partner for serving the US Federal Government and public sector markets due to Armedia’s depth of experience and proven track record in that space. EntropySoft’s products will also be available through Armedia’s GSA Schedule for ease of contracting with the US public sector.

“We are very pleased to formalize the partnership with EntropySoft,” said Jim Nasr, Armedia CEO. “We have worked with EntropySoft on a number of occasions and see our migration services and ECM delivery capabilities to be an ideal match to their excellent content migration and integration products.”

“Armedia, with its deep knowledge of Enterprise Content Management systems, is an ideal partner for EntropySoft. Content Management Interoperability is more than ever a crucial feature for better information governance. Armedia expert consulting and services teams use EntropySoft technologies to help customers effectively manage their content” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO of EntropySoft.

About Armedia, LLC
Armedia is a technology firm, focusing on information and content management solutions. Armedia has industry-acclaimed expertise, services and products in business process, document, case and record management, mobile solutions as well as collaboration, content publishing and content migration. Armedia has experience providing these services on various platforms, including: Alfresco, Drupal, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint and the Apple iPad. Armedia’s mission is to provide world-class solutions to its clients and assist them in achieving tangible returns on their technology investments.
Armedia is veteran owned, 8(a)/SDB certified, GSA Schedule IT70 holder, and is CMMI Level 3 Maturity appraised. Armedia has offices in Atlanta, GA; Huntsville, AL; and Vienna, VA.
For more information visit Armedia’s website at http://www.armedia.com.
Twitter: @ArmediaLLC

Capture and save Twitter activities in a corporate digital vault

Thanks to EntropySoft, any organization can now transfer Twitter content in a corporate repository for improved information governance

EntropySoft, the Content Connection Company, made available in its Lab a new connector for Twitter. With this connector, EntropySoft is offering an easy way to archive Twitter content and is therefore improving information governance.

Thanks to this new Twitter connector, corporate tweets can be searched in a hierarchical manner, retrieved and archived. The tweets can be dynamically archived in the corporate archiving system and therefore be indexed for Search, Early Case Assessment or eDiscovery, For example, all tweets of company employees can now be saved and monitored easily, which is vital to control effectively corporate communication.

By using EntropySoft Content Hub, it only takes a matter of minutes to connect Twitter with an Enterprise repository platform and start archiving content.

“Content Hub, with its 40 pre-packaged Enterprise connectors, is the software of choice to integrate with the cloud. ECM Cloud companies like Box.Net are using this to connect their repositories to Enterprise content repositories. Other Cloud companies like social software or CRM companies are using Content Hub to provide an single entry point to company repositories, so as to include document services in their offers. Finally, Content Hub is also used to add features to corporate ECM systems by bridging Cloud services like document translation or digital signature services with corporate ECM systems.” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO of EntropySoft. “With this new Twitter connector, we are now extending our product offering to micro-blogging and social networks. These popular new forms of online communication carry risks for companies because the content is discoverable, just like e-mail and any other electronically stored information (ESI). EntropySoft now has the technology to add Twitter to corporate retention policies.”

The Twitter connector is able to retrieve the following content and metadata:
• Tweets of a designated Twitter account
• Retweets (of tweets from the account, by the account holder or sent to the account holder)
• Followers of a specific account
• Direct tweets
• Tweets mentioning the account’s name.

Tweets can be retrieved using various search criteria: content, author, recipient, sent date etc…
Search is not limited to the account you are connecting with, but is done on all Twitter content.

Content Hub is also available as a pre-configured virtual environment where all EntropySoft products are already installed. This Virtual Machine is a turn-key solution which allows immediate deployment in a virtualized environment. Thus, any document management system or archiving platform, as well as Twitter, can be easily connected together and the document transfers managed.

Content Hub can handle simple out-of-the-box archiving processes. It can also be deployed in IBM Websphere or other large company infrastructures, so as to manage advanced document processes, Records Management for example.

Additionally, the Twitter connector is designed to be easily integrated in any third-party application and exposes the same API as the 40 other read/write EntropySoft connectors, making content management interoperability a reality.

All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft connectors’ portfolio: Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum Content Server, IBM FileNET P8, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Interwoven TeamSite, Alfresco and more. All connectors have been fully tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

EntropySoft products are bridging the gap between the cloud and the enterprise.