Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blumark chooses EntropySoft products for improved ECM migrations and better content integration

EntropySoft, the content connection and interoperability specialist, announced a partnership with Blumark Pty Ltd in Australia.

The technology partnership will allow Blumark to provide customers with better migration and content management services, with the help of EntropySoft’s content integration products. Blumark will be EntropySoft’s primary partner for the Australasian region, thanks to Blumark’s experience and proven track record in the ECM integration and migration markets. Blumark customers will benefit from the extensive functionality and fast deployment time offered by EntropySoft products.

"Blumark is an organization with experienced professionals who build long-term, trusted relationships. We bring a high level of energy, integrity, experience and value to our clients. Our relationship with EntropySoft fits with our philosophy to bring best in class solutions to market from leading vendors in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)”, said Mark Grimes, Blumark’s Managing Director. “I see Content Hub, the EntropySoft integration suite, as being at the forefront of innovation in the content integration space and Blumark is pleased to deliver this to the Asia-Pacific region."

“Blumark, with its deep knowledge of Enterprise Content Management systems and specifically IBM’s, is a valued partner for EntropySoft. Content migration and integration is more than ever crucial for better information governance. Blumark’s highly experienced project team is using EntropySoft technologies to help customers effectively manage their content.” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO of EntropySoft.