Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Box ECM Cloud Connect — Powered by EntropySoft

Box ECM Cloud Connect™ is powerful content integration software that provides purpose-built connectivity between Box, SharePoint, and 40+ enterprise content management (ECM)systems. It connects Box with your content silos behind the firewall and leverages pre-built content process templates that immediately provide business value by automatically synchronizing systems. Box ECM Cloud Connect software deploys easily and quickly as a virtual appliance and comes with easy to manage services.


• SharePoint users benefit from transparent connection to Box while working in the SharePoint environment

• Immediate value with bi-directional connectors for Box, SharePoint, and 40+ ECM Systems

• Box ECM Cloud Connect software deploys easily and quickly as a virtual appliance with easy to manage services

Business Benefits

• Enable content sharing and collaboration beyond the firewallwith partners, suppliers, and customers

• Enable content to be accessed and updated on mobile devices

• Provide two-way synch so external updates are reflected on internal repositories

Features & Benefits

Purpose-Built Connectivity

• 40+ Connectors to normalize more applications: connecting all your unstructured content to Box is easy with 40+ bi-directional connectors that redefine interoperability and revolutionize information access

• Gain access to critical content information: access to all of the critical content, metadata, and access permissions

• Ensure security integrity: ECM system security is maintained because Box connects using standard API’s that never bypass underlying security mechanisms

Full Integration with SharePoint

• Get Mobilized: access from any device—iPad, iPhone, and more. Mobile users enjoy all the benefits that Box provides: access without VPN’s from Smart Phones, and tablets—with content from SharePoint

• Any new doc is published to the cloud—automatically. New documents added to SharePoint are automatically published to Box with no extra steps

• Integrate Box with existing SharePoint workflow: integrate with existing SharePoint approval workflows, automatically publish documents to Box once approved

• Integrate your Virtual Deal room with SharePoint: create an integrated Virtual Deal Room in Box when you connect your on-premises SharePoint system using the pre-built process template

• Securely connect employees, customers and business partners: business users can share documents outside of the firewall with business partners and customers, seamlessly integrating with existing SharePoint business processes hidden behind the firewall

• Improved drafting and collaboration management: new drafts and doc redlines are securely and automatically synchronized between SharePoint and Box

Easy to Deploy and Manage

• No need for complex software, just download and go; simply download and deploy the virtual appliance to get started

• Quick configuration with built-in web interface for connectivity to Box, SharePoint, Documentum, and 40+ ECM systems

• Point and click content process templates: deploy, start, monitor, and stop with a simple point and click

• Enterprise authentication integration: integrate quickly with systems like Active Directory using prebuilt interfaces

• Automatic upgrades with virtual appliance: you are always running the most recent version of connectors and the content process framework

• At-a-glance Dashboard that summarizes the flow of content to and from Box


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