Tuesday, July 17, 2012

B2B Document Exchange with Box

The Business Challenge

Businesses have built elaborate defenses around internal IT assets to defend against security threats. Firewalls are a necessity, but they come with restrictive consequences. How do you work with suppliers like marketing agencies? How do you work with customers and partners on proposals and contracts? How do your execs work with the Board? Exchanging documents on paper is slow, clumsy, and expensive. Emailing documents is faster, but it strains email storage capacity, exposes your company to security risks, and is hard to manage. To address these issues, more companies are adopting Business-to- Business (B2B) Document Exchanges with cloud vendors to solve this fundamental access problem by creating a site outside of their corporate firewall where documents can be securely exchanged with partners under controlled conditions.

Part of the answer lies with cloud-based B2B document exchanges or virtual data rooms that are ideally suited to solving the direct access problem when sharing sensitive documents with business partners. They provide a secure location where the most current contracts, quotes, proposals, or engineering specifications can be shared. These solutions provide content management functionality to manage document versions and reviewer comments, while they limit access to approved parties. You and your partners can safely upload and download individual documents. Instead of attaching documents, links to new revisions of documents can be emailed securely without risk or storage bloat. This solves the access problem, but not the problem of integrating with existing business processes.

On-premise ECM and collaboration systems like Documentum and SharePoint have been widely adopted by organizations to manage critical documents and govern internal processes. Many companies have invested in workflow and approval processes built onto on-premises ECM systems to automate and govern how business operates on a daily basis. So how do you connect your internal systems to the cloud to further maximize your investments?

The EntropySoft Solution

Box ECM Cloud Connect™, a Box offering that is powered by EntropySoft Content Hub™, lets you link the on-premises content solutions in your business to the Box cloud. For businesses with traditional content platforms, like SharePoint or Documentum, the Box ECM Cloud Connect offering makes it easy to synchronize or transfer data to and from Box. This means your investment in on-premises ECM systems is protected and your internal processes can be connected to the cloud transparently and quickly.


Box ECM Cloud Connect’s prebuilt content process template, Sync to Box, automatically pushes new and revised documents from your on-premises ECM system to Box. New and revised documents in Box are automatically pushed back to your on-premises ECM system. Manual uploads and insecure emails are avoided, increasing the effectiveness of collaboration with partners. Now there is no need to disrupt existing business processes to leverage the power of Box as a B2B document exchange.

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