Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EntropySoft Closes $3.5M Funding Round

EntropySoft, the content connection company, announced on Tuesday that it has closed a US$3.5 million funding round.

This first round of financing was led by Alven Capital and will fuel the next stage of EntropySoft's growth in the content connection market. EntropySoft was previously privately owned.
The company, founded in 2005, plans to use the money to further boost its technological expertise, grow its sales team and increase its US presence.

CEO Nicolas Maquaire said: “EntropySoft’s success is based on the quality and reliability of its software products. This is how we succeeded in signing technological agreements with more than 25 major US software vendors over the past two years. We now want to increase the visibility of our products for large organizations and add direct sales to our very successful OEM business model. With this new capital, we are going to reach a new level of expertise and visibility.“

Guillaume Aubin, Managing Partner at Alven Capital explains: « EntropySoft have a strong presence in a fast-growing market, with a technologically superior product offer. EntropySoft has proven that it has the vision and the execution track record to be a leader in their markets. This infusion of capital will position the company for an explosive year."

EntropySoft offers to software vendors and large corporations products to increase content management systems interoperability and manage easily document transfers. Large software companies such as EMC Documentum, Symantec or Endeca already signed OEM agreements to use EntropySoft technology. Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, or Total, one of the biggest energy groups in the world, have selected the innovative EntropySoft products for some of their critical operations.

EntropySoft enables the real-time content synchronization of different content silos, such as SharePoint and IBM FileNet. There are many use cases for this technology inside the corporation itself and also to connect company repositories in the cloud and in-house. Real time content synchronization also changes the face of collaboration, directly between partners or for companies sharing documents in the

EntropySoft’s star product is Content Hub. Content Hub centralizes the access to information and automates document transfers between Content Management Systems.

Content Hub is using EntropySoft’s 40 CMS connectors. EntropySoft’s portfolio of connectors is the secret sauce for EntropySoft’s success. The connectors are highly successful thanks to their unequalled features and market-tested robustness. They are the key to Content Hub’s capacity to connect to and work with documents in more than 40 Content Management Systems.

In March, EntropySoft unveiled a major new version of its Content Hub and added new features for synchronization, content transfers and automatic mapping of permissions, users and groups.

By increasing its technological lead, the company expects to continue signing OEM agreements and grow exponentially the number of direct customers in the coming 12

- Financial Advisor: Aelios Finance (VĂ©ronique Roth, Pierre Dropsy)
- Legal Advisor for EntropySoft: Nixon Peabody (Douglas Glucroft, Emmanuelle Porte, Sylvie Hamel)
- Legal Advisor for Alven Capital : Gide Loyrette Nouel (Pierre Karpik, Emilie Leygonie)
- Financial Due Diligence Provider: Ernst & Young (Emmanuel Picard, Renaud Regner)
- Strategic Market Due Diligence: Pierre Audoin Consultants (Vincent Gelineau,
Olivier Rafal)

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