Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EntropySoft's Content ETL selected by Alfresco

EntropySoft is pleased to announce that its Content ETL product was selected by Alfresco to manage all content transfers for its new Packaged Migration Services offer. This reinforces EntropySoft’s Content ETL position as the product of choice for document transfers.
Alfresco is the leader of open source ECM (enterprise content management).

Content ETL has a leading position on the market as the first scalable and fully-flexible ETL product for unstructured data. The Alfresco Packaged Migration Services, provided by Alfresco Partners, can handle all the content transfers that are required in today’s complex information systems.

“I am very proud that our Content ETL was selected by Alfresco to manage all the content transfers of their new Packaged Migration Services. Content ETL is possibly one of the only products on the market that is able to handle complex content transfers to and from over 30 content-centric applications. Thanks to its innovative product, EntropySoft is comforting its position as one of the leaders of unstructured data integration,”
said Nicolas Maquaire, EntropySoft CEO. “Content ETL can also be used to synchronize documents between cloud repositories and on-premises repositories. Together with all our connectors and Content Hub, Content ETL is included in our new turn-key Appliance released this month.”

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