Monday, August 9, 2010

EntropySoft releases a new IBM Lotus Web Content Management connector

EntropySoft, the global leader for Enterprise connectivity, released today an IBM Lotus Web Content Management connector. By making this connector available, EntropySoft is increasing again its unrivalled interoperability capacities and the attractiveness of its product offer.

The Lotus Web Content Management connector is able to connect to multiple content libraries, has read/write capacities and supports all item types: sites, site areas, contents, content components, library components, taxonomies, categories, presentation templates, authoring templates and workflows.

Using the connector, any third-party product or line-of-business application can retrieve, create, delete, and update all above items, as well as create new versions, lock/unlock items and search in the repository using the EntropySoft SQL language. The retrieval of users, groups and permissions is also fully supported.

Furthermore, this connector also implements the EntropySoft “repository changes” feature that enables the connector to detect and report all additions and updates made to the Lotus Web Content Management repository.

With this new connector, EntropySoft extends its family of Web Content Management connectors which already includes the Vignette and Interwoven Teamsite connectors. This is also an addition to EntropySoft’s growing number of IBM connectors. Software vendors, IT Services companies and large organizations can use the EntropySoft IBM connector family to seamlessly integrate with a large number of IBM content repositories.

“For the past five years, we have been continuously increasing the number of connectors that we have, effectively increasing interoperability between Document repositories” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO and co-founder of EntropySoft. “By adding yet another enterprise connector to our list, we are getting closer to our corporate mission: connecting applications to information."

The IBM Lotus Web Content Management connector is designed to be easily integrated in third-party applications and exposes the same API as the 35 other EntropySoft connectors. It can also be used in conjunction with EntropySoft’s other products, Content Hub and Content ETL. Therefore, any transfer of content to and from IBM Lotus Web Content Management has never been so easy.

EntropySoft is the world’s leading connector supplier. It has more than 35 read/write enterprise connectors for unstructured data, the largest connectivity offer on the market. The extensive support of features and the number of connectors available make EntropySoft technology perfect OEM material for many software industries. In the last 18 months, EntropySoft signed more than 20 OEM contracts with some of the largest global software companies. EntropySoft partners also benefit from in-depth expertise on the same content-centric systems, so as to facilitate the proof-of-concepts and roll-out.

All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft’s portfolio: Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum Content Server, IBM FileNet P8, Interwoven TeamSite, Alfresco and more. All connectors have been fully tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

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