Thursday, August 12, 2010

EntropySoft and QualiWare Announce Technology Partnership

EntropySoft, a specialist in the Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) market, today announced a technology agreement with QualiWare. QualiWare is integrating a wide selection of enterprise connectors from EntropySoft into its QualiWare Lifecycle Manager modeling suite. The inclusion of EntropySoft technology expands out-of-the-box connectivity for QualiWare customers, ensuring easy access to unstructured information across the enterprise.

The agreement will enable QualiWare to integrate a portfolio of more than 35 read/write connectors. All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft’s portfolio, and all connectors have been fully-tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

“Teaming up with EntropySoft ensures a continuously updated integration with all major Content Management Systems.” stated Jacob Lund, Head of R&D at QualiWare. “By ensuring this connectivity we enable our complete product suite to have a flexible and live integration to existing and upcoming systems. The focus on a continuously updated connectivity list will ensure our customer base that both current and future CMS projects within the organizations will work well with our solutions. ”

“This OEM agreement with the Scandinavian leader for modeling tools illustrates the potential of our connectors for many software markets. The easy integration of our technology in all content-centric markets such as Search, e-Discovery, BPM or DLP illustrates our will to become the de facto standard for high-performance connectivity,” said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO and co-founder of EntropySoft. “More and more, companies chose to rely on the professionalism and dedication of connectors factories so as to have the widest and best connectivity for their customers. We also bring to this partnership our vast expertise in content-centric applications and our market-leader technology.”

EntropySoft is a connectors factory. The extensive support of features and the large number of connectors make this technology perfect OEM material for many software industries such as Search, e-discovery, Records Management, Collaboration or DLP.
The quality and breadth of connectivity is increasingly important for software analysts in many markets. Relying on a connector factory such as EntropySoft is synonymous with quality and expertise,

By using EntropySoft enterprise connectors, software vendors and IT services companies get immediate access to enterprise application repositories. They also benefit from in-depth expertise on 35 content-centric systems to facilitate their proof-of-concepts and roll-out.

About QualiWare
Founded in 1991, QualiWare is a global consulting services and business modeling software provider. QualiWare’s services and products help customers succeed with their Quality Management, Business Process Management and Optimization initiatives, Business Excellence programs, Enterprise Architecture initiatives, and/or IT solution development needs.

QualiWare is a private Danish company with offices and distributorships in Brazil, Norway, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine and the United States. The development team is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and Kiev, Ukraine.

About EntropySoft
EntropySoft is focusing on the integration of unstructured data in the global Data Integration market. An information-access expert, EntropySoft’s mission is to facilitate content access and make content interoperability easy.

EntropySoft technology is used by software vendors and large companies to simplify the integration between their solution and Enterprise content management solutions. Application fields are numerous: Enterprise Search, BPM, e-discovery, Records Management, Collaboration, Data Loss Prevention, Multi Function Printers...). EntropySoft has the most extensive read / write CMIS-compliant connector portfolio in the market.
EntropySoft also has a Content ETL for transfers between repositories and cloud synchronization, as well as a CMIS-compliant Content Hub which provides a single access point to all the unstructured data in a company.

The following leading global organizations integrate EntropySoft connectors: Attivio, BA-Insight, Coveo, Digital Reef, EMC Kazeon, Endeca, Exalead, IDS Scheer, Image Integration Systems, Jahia, Symantec and W4.

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