Tuesday, January 19, 2010

EntropySoft, the Enterprise connectivity leader, adds new Open Text Vignette connector

EntropySoft, a specialist in the Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) market, today announced the commercial release of an Open Text Vignette Content Management connector. By making available a Vignette connector, EntropySoft is increasing again its unrivalled interoperability capacities and the attractiveness of its product offer.

Through this read/write Vignette connector, the Open Text application will be ready for search, e-discovery, Records Management or for daily document transfers. Software vendors, IT Services companies or large organizations can use the new EntropySoft connector to work with the Vignette repository.

This new connector makes working with content easier by facilitating web publishing of content coming from different sources and speeding up the update of sites. It helps rethink architecture changes of the IT system by enabling SOA architecture. The connector also facilitates the integration of vertical applications working with Vignette content.

“This new Vignette connector illustrates EntropySoft’s leadership in the connectivity market. We are working on further developments to make interoperability even simpler said Nicolas Maquaire, CEO and co-founder of EntropySoft. Transfer of content between applications has never been so easy!”

The EntropySoft Vignette Content Management connector works with the Vignette Management Console API. The connector is a single java library, a .jar file. The EntropySoft Vignette connector allows the creation and modification of all Vignette objects such as sites, channels, projects and documents.

Like all EntropySoft connectors, the Vignette connector will be CMIS-compliant as soon as the specification is available. This is especially valuable to large organizations who want to comply with this emerging standard.

The Vignette connector can be easily integrated in third-party applications or used in conjunction with EntropySoft’s content hub or Content ETL.

EntropySoft’s content hub provides a single access point to access all content-centric applications, either on-premise or in-the-cloud. The hub will be CMIS-compliant, offering unique normalized connectivity to a large number of content repositories. By adding a Vignette connector to its existing collection of connectors, EntropySoft increases the usefulness of the content hub by adding yet another source for all operations.

The Vignette connector, used in conjunction with Content ETL and different content repositories, offers a turnkey solution to move content between Vignette and any content source. One of the use cases of Content ETL is to gather in a central platform all the documents scattered in various repositories. Content ETL can also be used for cloud repository synchronization, transfer of content for records management, as well as day to day content transfers and migrations.

EntropySoft is one of the world leaders for connectivity. It has more than 35 read/write enterprise connectors for unstructured data, possibly the biggest portfolio in the market. The extensive support of features and the size of the connector portfolio make this technology perfect OEM material for many software industries.
The quality and breadth of connectivity is increasingly important for software analysts in many markets. Relying on a connector factory such as EntropySoft is synonymous with quality and expertise,

By using EntropySoft enterprise connectors, software vendors and IT services companies get immediate access to up to 35 repositories. Moreover, EntropySoft OEM partners benefit from in-depth expertise on 35 content-centric systems to facilitate their proof-of-concepts and roll-out.

All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft’s portfolio: Alfresco, IBM FileNet P8, Interwoven TeamSite, IBM Lotus Quickplace, Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum Content Server, EMC Documentum eRoom or CenterStage. All connectors have been fully tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

EntropySoft brings Content Management Intelligence to its customers.

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