Thursday, January 21, 2010

EntropySoft releases a new Documentum DFS connector

Paris, November 18, 2009 - EntropySoft, a specialist in the Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) market, today announced the release of a new Documentum DFS connector. By making available a new version of the Documentum connector, EntropySoft is increasing again its unrivalled interoperability capacities and the attractiveness of its product offer.

EntropySoft already had a Documentum DFC connector in its product offer. Connecting to the Documentum repository implied calling on the document broker, then accessing the document in the content server. This makes it difficult to use in a firewall-protected network environment Also, DFC are supported on a limited set of operating systems.

EntropySoft’s Documentum DFS connector is a simpler way to access Documentum content via web-services. This actually simplifies the network architecture and facilitates content accessibility for all platforms and appliances.

EntropySoft’s overall connectivity strategy is to make available several connectors for the same enterprise applications, so as to offer different architectural options to its customers. This is for example the case for SharePoint, Exchange and FileNet, for which different connectivity architectures are available.

“This new connector is part of the latest release of our connectors’ portfolio which includes significant improvements across all our connector line of product.” said Raphael Jean, CTO and co-founder of EntropySoft. ”For some applications, we have multiple connectors, so as to offer our customers the architectural options best-suited to their market. This Documentum DFS connector was also the first step towards building our new Documentum CenterStage connector."

EntropySoft’s Documentum DFS connector enables read and write access to content stored in the Documentum repository. It supports searching for documents and covers most of the underlying features of the software. It also includes EntropySoft’s latest content management intelligence feature: the track repository changes feature.

The connector can track changes in a repository and deliver a list of added, updated and deleted documents. Changes to content, permissions and metadata are taken into account on an immediate basis. This is a vital feature for all companies who want to have an accurate view of their content and take real-time actions such as immediate Records Management to minimize critical data loss risk and optimize compliance with regulatory environments.

The Documentum DFS connector is specifically built for the Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) / web-services pairing. The network architecture is therefore simplified. On the client-side, only a few jar files have to be put in the class path, making the deployments extremely easy. There are no more possible complications involving going across firewalls.

EntropySoft is one of the world leaders for connectivity. It has more than 30 read/write enterprise connectors for unstructured data, possibly the biggest portfolio in the market. The extensive support of features and the size of the connector portfolio make this technology perfect OEM material for many software industries. The state-of-the-art connectors help customers focus on their differentiators, allowing them to concentrate on their core business while EntropySoft takes care of the connectivity.

All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft’s portfolio: Alfresco, EMC Documentum eRoom, IBM FileNet P8, OpenText LiveLink and eDOCS, Interwoven TeamSite, IBM Lotus Quickplace, Microsoft SharePoint etc… All connectors have been fully tested on large implementations in critical business projects.

EntropySoft brings Content Management Intelligence to its customers.

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