Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EntropySoft, the CMS connectivity leader, releases a new Microsoft SharePoint connector

EntropySoft, specialist of the ECI market (Enterprise Content Integration) and unstructured-data integration, announces the release of a new Microsoft SharePoint connector. By making available yet another connector, EntropySoft is increasing again its unrivalled interoperability capacities and the attractiveness of its product offer.

EntropySoft’s Microsoft SharePoint 2007 connector enables read and write access to content stored in the Microsoft SharePoint repository.

“The new version of our Microsoft SharePoint 2007 connector includes some of the more complex albeit popular features of SharePoint. We are now able to integrate all types of lists (Calendar, Tasks, Issues, Discussion boards, Contacts, etc.) and offer a read/write feature for them. This comes on top of all the already available features such as supporting all SharePoint sites objects, folders, documents and document libraries, the folder structure, security, copy, lifecycle, lock / unlock, move, versioning.
The EntropySoft connector is fully compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007). Moreover, installing the connector is easier than ever with its new step-by-step “installation wizard” for SharePoint sites.” says Nicolas Maquaire, EntropySoft CEO. “This new connector, together with our 30 + connectors portfolio, is helping customers to achieve fast, smooth and complete content transfers between SharePoint repositories and other collaboration applications repositories. We are also giving our technological partners the opportunity to interact more closely with this very popular platform.”

EntropySoft is a connectors’ factory. The Microsoft SharePoint connector is part of EntropySoft’s connectors’ portfolio, which consists of more than 30 connectors, the biggest offering of connectors on the market. Recently developed connectors include EMC Documentum, HP TRIM, Oracle UCM, IBM WebSphere Portal Document Manager and Interwoven WorkSite. The plug-and-play EntropySoft connectors list includes major applications such as FileNET P8, Open Text LiveLink, Interwoven TeamSite etc...

Thanks to the sheer number of connectors in the portfolio, interoperability is already a reality for EntropySoft partners. By using a single API, which is the same for all EntropySoft connectors, software vendors and large companies have found the answer to their interoperability requests. Customers no longer need to learn specific programming technologies for each content-centric application, they can access, modify and interact with content through a single technology. EntropySoft therefore becomes a one-stop shopping facility for easy interoperability. Moreover, EntropySoft technology is now available on all platforms (Java, .NET, web services).

On top of the read / write connectors, EntropySoft has two technological layers (Content ETL and Content Federation) that can also be OEM’ed to facilitate integration and interoperability.

For the past four years, EntropySoft has acquired valuable practical knowledge on all popular content-centric systems. This mix of knowledge and experience is put to work on a daily basis in critical business conditions. EntropySoft connectors, Content Federation Server and Content ETL are the first truly interoperable products to be on the market that have been market-tested for years.

EntropySoft’s OEM clients have specific requests for their specific markets. This means that the connectors have to support the widest range of functionalities. The state-of-the-art connectors therefore help customers focus on their differentiators, allowing them to concentrate on their core business while EntropySoft takes care of the connectivity.

EntropySoft’s strategy is to work on the completeness of features supported by each connector as well as developing multiple connectors for the same application in order to best satisfy customers’ functional and technical constraints.

Today, EntropySoft is the content-centric applications interoperability leader.

About EntropySoft
EntropySoft is focused on the integration of unstructured data and is a pure-player in the ECI global market (Enterprise Content Integration). An information-access expert, EntropySoft’s mission is to facilitate content access and make content interoperability easy.
EntropySoft technology is used by software vendors to simplify the integration between their solution and all content management solutions. Applications fields are numerous (BPM, Enterprise Search, e-Discovery, Records Management, Collaboration,..).
EntropySoft has the most extensive read/write connectors’ portfolio in the market and promotes a disruptive innovation with its Content ETL product.
The following leading global organizations integrate EntropySoft connectors: Attivio, Endeca, Coveo, Exalead, Kazeon, IDS Scheer, Image Integration Systems.

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