Wednesday, February 3, 2010

EntropySoft to adapt its Enterprise content connectors to work with KODAK Capture Pro Software

Paris, France – June 2nd, 2009 – EntropySoft, specialist in the Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) market, today announced it will adapt its portfolio of more than 30 enterprise connectors to KODAK Capture Pro Software. KODAK Capture Pro Software is a full feature capture application that provides a robust capture front end to all KODAK Scanners and many non-Kodak scanners as well. The inclusion of EntropySoft connectors into KODAK Capture Pro Software will enable Kodak customers to transfer directly scanned documents to many popular content repositories such as Alfresco, IBM FileNet P8, Hummingbird DM, Interwoven TeamSite, IBM Lotus Quickplace, Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum etc…

EntropySoft is a connector factory. It has more than 30 read/write enterprise connectors for unstructured data, possibly the biggest portfolio in the market. The extensive support of features and the size of the connector portfolio make this technology perfect OEM material for many software industries.

After winning many customers in the Enterprise Search market, EntropySoft is now extending the connectivity potential of its connectors to other markets such as Digital Scanners.

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